Although I am a frequent reader of Y’s blog, I came across this contest on another friend’s blog. And, even though I am a frequent reader of Y’s blog, I haven’t been able to pick up Just Married, Please Excuse yet. I have been telling myself that I shall do so on a vacation planned next month.

Anyway, onto the contest. Y has hosted the Just Married, Please Excuse contest. Even though, I am not based in Delhi anymore, and hence won’t get the free food… I figured at least this contest will bring me out of my ‘non-writing’ stupor. So, on to the funny story in my Just Married life…

We were Just Married, maybe less than a month or so. And we were completely swamped with lunch and dinner invitations from family and friends.. you know how it is! The other activity that we were spending a lot of time on was to find a bank branch near our new home, to shift all our possessions into… (what were you thinking?)

In between all this hectic schedule, I got one Sunday afternoon to take a much-required nap. Among many things, there was one particular quirk about me that the husband did not know about. I talk in my sleep!

So, there I was napping deeply and in my dreams, the Queen of England was asking us out to lunch… and I started mumbling my reply to her. At this point, the husband was trying to shake me awake. Sleepy,exasperated and my mind all addled, I told him

“Now the Queen wants us over for lunch…. do you think she has a Chembur branch?”

The husband burst out laughing. To this day, he relates this story to anyone who will listen!!